Travel bucket list

After crossing off one of my huge travel bucket list items with this trip to Australia, my husband and I started taking about our next vacation and it made me think about my travel bucket list. Where in the world do I want to go, besides visiting every state in America below is my current top 30 vacation destinations in no particular order. And although some change as the world changes I am making slow and steady progress on the list. Only being an international traveler since 2012 I think I am doing pretty well on my list! Now I want to hear from you, what countries, destinations am I missing? What is on your travel bucket list?

  1. Germany
  2. Virgin Islands
  3. Ireland
  4. Fiji- February 2017
  5. Israel
  6. Brazil
  7. Greece
  8. Cuba- July 2012
  9. Peru
  10. Japan
  11. Italy
  12. France
  13. Thailand
  14. Spain- December 2012
  15. Morracco- December 2012
  16. Argentina
  17. Tahiti 
  18. Bora bora
  19. Sweeden
  20. Bolivia
  21. Costa Rica
  22. New Zeland
  23. Australia- February 2017
  24. Aruba-June 2015
  25. China
  26. London
  27. Chili
  28. India
  29. Egypt
  30. Norway

The Road Less Taken

Okay so this posting is a little late, but as I sit here on another rainy day, I can’t help but be remindedThe tent is ready to go of the roadtrip that Sandy (my best friend) and I made to explore South East Minnesota over a long weekend, a place that has been our home for almost 30 years, and still left undiscovered by the two of us.  So after a lot of talking about this road trip my best friend and I made a list and head out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for the camping trip. Okay, not a few things… a lot of things, we started with a tent, some Boons Farm “wine”, marshmallows, Cheese-its and baked brown beans, the essentials for an amazing camping trip. Continue reading