Mid-year New Year’s Resolution Check in

So here it is, my mid-year check in for my new year’s resolutions. Continue reading


April is International Letter Writing Month

imageFor anyone who did know (I didn’t) April is international letter writing Month. I know I am a little late to the game, but I am taking the rest of the month to do a better job of writing and mailing letters to family and friends. You know the feeling that you get when you flip through the sterile white envelopes and all of sudden… something other than a bill. It will honestly make your recipients day. Even if it is just a small note telling them you are thinking about them and wishing them a good day or week. Continue reading

A lesson on a dateless New Year’s Eve

This post was written in January 2014.- What I didn’t realize is that year; months after writing this post (and never posting it) I met my fiancé. We are getting married in November 2016 and I couldn’t be happier. I found this writing and realized that one thing is certain once you vow to have a positive attitude and look at things optimistically happiness does enter your life. Continue reading

2016 New Year Resolutions- Spring Progress Report

Every year one of my best friends Sheena and I set out to make New Year Resolutions. This year was no different, this year we sat at Bar La Grassa, drinking wine and stuffing our face with pasta, if you live in the twin cities and have never been, go! But make a reservation first or take your chances and get a spot at the pasta bar to watch the chefs prepare the house made pasta and dishes! Back to the New Year’s Resolutions and updates.


  • Work out 3x per week- Hello I have a wedding dress to get into. This should be a top priority for me!!

Progress so far: I joined a new gym (which I love) and have only missed one week of going to the gym or exercising 3 times a week. I haven’t seen the trimmed down figure that I want, but it takes time.

  •  Start a blog- I have tried to start a blog before, but kept getting side tracked. 2016 will be the year.

Progress so far: Well you are reading this right? I guess that means I committed and started a blog, and since this is the quarter one update- that would mean I made it a promising 3 months! Which might be longer than any of my other attempts. Next step for this goal, build my followers and viewership.

  • Travel a lot: This was on my list before I knew I was getting married, so we will use “a lot” loosely.

Progress so far:  Long weekend in Virginia, in the Yurt (March) and a girls weekend to Washington DC (April), wedding in Wisconsin (June) Ohh and then there is that little thing called a honeymoon that we are still planning for the fall.

  •  Get Married: Yep this is on my list for 2016!  


Progress so far: I still have a fiancé and the date, location, colors are all set and my wedding dress has been ordered. I think the progress speaks for itself.

  • Read Twelve Books: Does Vogue and People count?


Progress so far: So far not so good. Based on my math, 12 books, 12 months—I should be finishing up novel number three right about now. And I just finished book one.

December 17, 2015 BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

I need to start with the fact that my boyfriend is amazing at surprises and ridicules at going over the top with everything! He took me out for my birthday, only a week after we started dating and surprised me with dinner, a show, and five mini birthday cakes, because, since we had only been dating a week, he didn’t know what kind of cake I liked. When it came time for my boyfriend’s birthday, I of course had to pull out all the stops and threw him and about 50 of his friends a surprise, Halloween costume party. Going into my birthday this year, saying I was nervous was an understatement. I knew I was in for something over the top, but I could have never imaged what he had actually pulled together. Continue reading

Learning how to wear heels

I started this blog years ago with one of my best friend and have since reclaimed the abandoned blog name and repurposed it to showcase my ever changing life and the things that are important to me now.  little-girl-in-shoes

Learning to wear heels came from a memory from many years ago. I remember standing in front of my mothers floor length mirror trying on her jewelry and stumbling in her high heel shoes. I couldn’t wait to grow up and be like her, have a job, a house and wear heels. At the time my tiny feet failed to fill her shoes, now I navigate the world in 4 inches on a regular basis. This blog is about growing up, learning from your mistakes and making the most out of every moment and opportunity.  It’s about learning to wear heels!

It’s Okay

Sitting at Caribou coffee on a rainy day, on my third or maybe it is my fourth cup of coffee, I begun reading the paper cup sitting at my table. Marshmallows have no nutritional value, and that’s okay.  I laughed out loud at this, which annoyed the customers in close proximity of me. I don’t know if the high volume of caffeine running through my veins had any impact on the hilarity of this, but I found the lack of logic behind this statement refreshing. I have since adopted the mantra… it’s okay. Continue reading