Breakfast smoothies tips and recipes

The husband and I are trying to start the year out right and go the gym and eat healthy, like everyone else. One way in which we are doing this is upping our fruit and veggie intake. The easiest way for us to do this is first thing in the morning with a smoothie. Once you get the hang of smoothies they are very easy to make and manipulate.  You can add anything to a smoothing and in the right proportion it is fantastic. My method is usually to add frozen fruit and anything else I am trying to get rid of in the fridge. Continue reading


My fiancé is making me fat…

My fiancé is making me fat, and I love him deeply for it. There are people out there who understand what I am talking about. I used have toned muscles, arms and legs, those slightly defined ab muscles that made it look like I naturally had a flat stomach. I could easily fit in my size 6 skinny jeans. When I met my fiancé I went to the gym multiple times a week. And I loved it. I went to kickboxing with hand weights, because I wanted to continue. I was one of those people that oddly loved going to the gym and looked good because of it. I rarely cared what I wore to the gym because i was constantly riding the high of working out. Continue reading

Chicken Pesto Florentine

So here it is, another quick and simple and more importantly easy dinner idea that you can make on any weeknight. Change the recipe as you see fit, I will add my homemade Pesto and Alfredo recipes next time I make them, in the meantime, I cheated and used store bought sauce. Continue reading

2016 New Year Resolutions- Spring Progress Report

Every year one of my best friends Sheena and I set out to make New Year Resolutions. This year was no different, this year we sat at Bar La Grassa, drinking wine and stuffing our face with pasta, if you live in the twin cities and have never been, go! But make a reservation first or take your chances and get a spot at the pasta bar to watch the chefs prepare the house made pasta and dishes! Back to the New Year’s Resolutions and updates.


  • Work out 3x per week- Hello I have a wedding dress to get into. This should be a top priority for me!!

Progress so far: I joined a new gym (which I love) and have only missed one week of going to the gym or exercising 3 times a week. I haven’t seen the trimmed down figure that I want, but it takes time.

  •  Start a blog- I have tried to start a blog before, but kept getting side tracked. 2016 will be the year.

Progress so far: Well you are reading this right? I guess that means I committed and started a blog, and since this is the quarter one update- that would mean I made it a promising 3 months! Which might be longer than any of my other attempts. Next step for this goal, build my followers and viewership.

  • Travel a lot: This was on my list before I knew I was getting married, so we will use “a lot” loosely.

Progress so far:  Long weekend in Virginia, in the Yurt (March) and a girls weekend to Washington DC (April), wedding in Wisconsin (June) Ohh and then there is that little thing called a honeymoon that we are still planning for the fall.

  •  Get Married: Yep this is on my list for 2016!  


Progress so far: I still have a fiancé and the date, location, colors are all set and my wedding dress has been ordered. I think the progress speaks for itself.

  • Read Twelve Books: Does Vogue and People count?


Progress so far: So far not so good. Based on my math, 12 books, 12 months—I should be finishing up novel number three right about now. And I just finished book one.

Chicken Stir-fry

Stir-fry is a super simple and easy meal and if you are at all budget conscience; it is relatively inexpensive. Healthy, cheap and quick in my opinion is a win-win-win! Start with going to the grocery store, grab whatever veggies you like. I went to Aldi, and bought carrots, broccoli, asparagus, peppers and onions (my total bill was $6.75). I purchased chicken breasts, teriyaki sauce, white rice and pre-chopped garlic from my local grocery store. (Seriously who has time to peel and press garlic?) All in the total costs was less than $25 and I ended up with enough ingredients for two meals one for tonight, and another to freeze for another quick meal on another night. Continue reading


I have recently gotten into sushi, however I am picky. So going out to dinner and ordering sushi I usually end up with something simple like a California roll. Then a friend of mine showed me how to make sushi at home and I am in love! It is healthy, and honestly, I can use “left overs” from meals earlier in the week. This week I made an awesome stir-fry and saved some of the uncooked vegetables for sushi this week! And in true lazy fashion… I didn’t quite follow my own instructions.

Here is the best part about sushi- I used to think I would need to go to specialty Asian store to pick up sushi grade rice or Nori (seaweed) and other ingredients that I love in sushi, but my local Cub Foods had everything! Now below, is the official recipe, however, I have been known to skip the sushi vinegar and just go with regular Japanese rice too… everything ends up a little stickier and harder to work with but, if it isn’t in the pantry, I am not willing to make another trip to the store. Continue reading

Healthy-ish Peking Chicken

This is one of my absolute favorite restaurant turned make-at-home meals, it is quick and easy and it has the same great taste as the deep fried version you can find at Leeann Chin’s restaurants only it’s not fried.

I am not sure when, but Leeann Chin started selling their famous sauces for you to make dishes at home, but it is kind of amazing and a staple in my pantry for quick and simple meals. Continue reading