A Girls Two Best Friends

Well I am off again…. On my next travel adventure to Washington DC for a girls weekend with my besties. It is a long over-due trip, Sandy has been out in DC for going on 3 years now and neither, Sheena nor I have not been out to visit. Not that we haven’t tried (I mean we haven’t tried hard) but Sandy is a teacher so long weekend trips are off and we seem to have completely opposite schedules. She has quite a bit of time off over the holidays and spring break. Which happens to be quite possibly the most inconvenient time to travel as a childless adult. Love kids, just not navigating a crowded airport with the pint-size flyers. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize, I just don’t have to deal with it yet, so I avoid it. And we have postponed our girl’s weekend for months and years because it wasn’t a good time. Continue reading

April is International Letter Writing Month

imageFor anyone who did know (I didn’t) April is international letter writing Month. I know I am a little late to the game, but I am taking the rest of the month to do a better job of writing and mailing letters to family and friends. You know the feeling that you get when you flip through the sterile white envelopes and all of sudden… something other than a bill. It will honestly make your recipients day. Even if it is just a small note telling them you are thinking about them and wishing them a good day or week. Continue reading

The Road Less Taken

Okay so this posting is a little late, but as I sit here on another rainy day, I can’t help but be remindedThe tent is ready to go of the roadtrip that Sandy (my best friend) and I made to explore South East Minnesota over a long weekend, a place that has been our home for almost 30 years, and still left undiscovered by the two of us.  So after a lot of talking about this road trip my best friend and I made a list and head out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for the camping trip. Okay, not a few things… a lot of things, we started with a tent, some Boons Farm “wine”, marshmallows, Cheese-its and baked brown beans, the essentials for an amazing camping trip. Continue reading

Learning how to wear heels

I started this blog years ago with one of my best friend and have since reclaimed the abandoned blog name and repurposed it to showcase my ever changing life and the things that are important to me now.  little-girl-in-shoes

Learning to wear heels came from a memory from many years ago. I remember standing in front of my mothers floor length mirror trying on her jewelry and stumbling in her high heel shoes. I couldn’t wait to grow up and be like her, have a job, a house and wear heels. At the time my tiny feet failed to fill her shoes, now I navigate the world in 4 inches on a regular basis. This blog is about growing up, learning from your mistakes and making the most out of every moment and opportunity.  It’s about learning to wear heels!