My favorite things 2017

We all have our favorite things that we hold onto through out the year. Going into 2017, I have a few favorites that I use almost every day. Any of these things would be a perfect gift for friends or family. Continue reading

Little Jar of Happiness

This year I made a resolution to be more thankful for what I have, so often I think I take advantage of the amazing blessing life has provided me. I found this idea on Pinterest, where all ideas now come from. Starting in January, each time something great happens I write it down and put it in the jar. This can be the smallest of things or big events- a trip, no line at the grocery store, anything. This coming New Year’s Eve I am going to open it and relive all the amazing things that have happened to me and my family in 2017. My goal is that through this exercise, I will be able to look at my world a little differently and appreciate the little things more.


How to pick the perfect paint color

Let’s start with this, there is no perfect paint color, I don’t believe there is any wrong color for any room. There are colors I like more than others and for different reasons, but if you want your kitchen bright green go for it (I did!) The first house I bought I used every color in the rainbow, even when people told me I was crazy. But I loved it, and when I was done I actually got a lot of complements. The first step is just deciding what to do.

I have put together some of my thoughts and tips on picking out the perfect paint color with no stress. Continue reading

DIY- painting kitchen cabinets

I have previously posted the before and after photos of updates that I did on our 1950’s kitchen which was long and exhausting, but had a huge impact on overall look of the kitchen and house. I wanted to give the kitchen a makeover, but like my other projects, we didn’t have the budget to support a massive overhaul; enter the best underpaid crew ever, my mother and three sisters. Continue reading

DIY- $12 barn door project

If you want to buy a custom barn door get ready to pay big bucks for the look you want. When my parents remodeled their bedroom/bathroom they decided to have barn doors installed, rather than spend the money, my mom and I decided to tackle this project ourselves, and see if we could create a similar outcome, without the costly price tag. Continue reading

DIY Mirror makeover

My DIY adventure continues this time with another bathroom makeover. I have been dying to update the main floor bathroom, but now, with two house and two mortgages, the budget and time are not there right now. So instead, I made a couple of quick fixes which have really brightened the dingy bathroom. I spent about $25 on the whole thing and the changes looks great. It was such a small space, I was able to get this project hammered out while my fireplace project was drying. Continue reading

DIY fireplace facelift

The house is currently sold, contingent on the new buyers selling their home. Which means, we are in that awkward place of keeping the place staged and ready for showings, and packing everything up and officially moving into the new house and settling in. This also means we don’t know how long we will be in limbo, until their house actually sells, and we get a closing date. Continue reading