Travel bucket list

After crossing off one of my huge travel bucket list items with this trip to Australia, my husband and I started taking about our next vacation and it made me think about my travel bucket list. Where in the world do I want to go, besides visiting every state in America below is my current top 30 vacation destinations in no particular order. And although some change as the world changes I am making slow and steady progress on the list. Only being an international traveler since 2012 I think I am doing pretty well on my list! Now I want to hear from you, what countries, destinations am I missing? What is on your travel bucket list?

  1. Germany
  2. Virgin Islands
  3. Ireland
  4. Fiji- February 2017
  5. Israel
  6. Brazil
  7. Greece
  8. Cuba- July 2012
  9. Peru
  10. Japan
  11. Italy
  12. France
  13. Thailand
  14. Spain- December 2012
  15. Morracco- December 2012
  16. Argentina
  17. Tahiti 
  18. Bora bora
  19. Sweeden
  20. Bolivia
  21. Costa Rica
  22. New Zeland
  23. Australia- February 2017
  24. Aruba-June 2015
  25. China
  26. London
  27. Chili
  28. India
  29. Egypt
  30. Norway

Honeymoon part #2

We left on Wednesday, February 8th for part two of our honeymoon! 28 days in Australia and Fiji! Looks like my fortune cookie knows this vacation is much needed! Look for posts once we get back from our adventure down under! 

Aruba- South Caribbean

In 2015 the husband and I took our first major trip together to Aruba. Now I am the first to admit that I am not great at geography, but I had no idea that Aruba was closer to South America than to Jamaica, St. Kitts, and Virgin Islands. While it is in the Caribbean, it is off the coast of Venezuela, in the Southern Caribbean. The island is perfect for relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand. We stayed at the Marriott Resort in Palm Beach which was a perfect location and centrally located for everything we wanted to do. The purpose of this vacation was to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, we still found ourselves out exploring the island. My sister and her husband are heading to the same resort in a few weeks and we provided them a few of our trip highlights. Continue reading

December 17, 2015 BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

I need to start with the fact that my boyfriend is amazing at surprises and ridicules at going over the top with everything! He took me out for my birthday, only a week after we started dating and surprised me with dinner, a show, and five mini birthday cakes, because, since we had only been dating a week, he didn’t know what kind of cake I liked. When it came time for my boyfriend’s birthday, I of course had to pull out all the stops and threw him and about 50 of his friends a surprise, Halloween costume party. Going into my birthday this year, saying I was nervous was an understatement. I knew I was in for something over the top, but I could have never imaged what he had actually pulled together. Continue reading

One bag traveler

Not to be sexist but over packing, is a problem that plagues most girls, and I used to be one of them. I used to be the girl packed a giant suitcase for an overnight trip. It got so tiresome dragging the suitcase around and I never used half of what I packed. But I wanted clothing options not to mention I needed half my bathroom… just incase! I really wanted to be one of those girls that could throw a few things into an overnight bag and be set for whatever. Continue reading

The Road Less Taken

Okay so this posting is a little late, but as I sit here on another rainy day, I can’t help but be remindedThe tent is ready to go of the roadtrip that Sandy (my best friend) and I made to explore South East Minnesota over a long weekend, a place that has been our home for almost 30 years, and still left undiscovered by the two of us.  So after a lot of talking about this road trip my best friend and I made a list and head out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for the camping trip. Okay, not a few things… a lot of things, we started with a tent, some Boons Farm “wine”, marshmallows, Cheese-its and baked brown beans, the essentials for an amazing camping trip. Continue reading