21 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am going to Australia and Fiji in February for my honeymoon- update it was AMAZING
  2. I obsessively drink Dt. Coke and coffee
  3. I hate messes, but my bedroom is always a mess
  4. I have three sisters, four brother-in-laws and two sister in laws
  5. I wish I went to the gym more, but it seems to be the last on the priority list
  6. I got married in November 2016 to my very wonderful husband
  7. My favorite holiday is Christmas and this year we had four Christmas trees at home
  8. My husband makes me coffee every morning before I leave for work- the coffee tastes that much better when someone else makes it for you.
  9. I have four nephews and one niece all under the age of 5- life is crazy
  10. I visited Cuba in 2012 and it was an amazingly cool experience
  11. I am a Sagittarius- but I am not sure that it really means anything
  12. I typically get my hair cut only once a year
  13. I love peanut butter and chocolate, just not together
  14. I love DIY projects and my perfect job would be do make and sell my projects
  15. I still use a paper planner… in fact right now I am using two
  16. I own more than 100 shoes, but wear the same three routinely
  17. I am not a morning person at all
  18. I am the oldest of four girls, my dad was way out numbered
  19. My favorite season is fall, the colorful leaves and crisp air is refreshing
  20. I have had the same cell phone number since I got my first phone in 2001
  21. I have a great eye for decorating and love painting

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