How to Declutter Your Home

At the beginning of every year I set a goal to declutter my house. This year it is more important than ever as the house is still in recovery mode from the wedding, the holidays and sadly still the move. The clutter is getting to me and this year’s organizational efforts are hitting a new high. In the next six months I am going to focus my efforts on finding a place for everything, clean and organize the basement and storage rooms and de clutter every single closet! Below are a few of my tried and true tips for decluttering my home. Now if only I could maintain my organizational efforts all year long.

  1. Clean the focal point of the every room: Start cleaning items that are in focus. If you start by taking care of your living spaces and leave the closets for last. You will feel so much better as you start to see progress in your efforts. Progress motivates more progress and soon your whole house will be clutter free. The art of doing stuff- one of the blogs that I follow shared this post a similar strategy of throwing 50 things away.
  2. Every month throw 20 things away: Either donate or throw them away, think about shoes you never wear, clothes that don’t fit, old invitations, ticket stubs or old magazines.
  3. Declutter your closet: take all the hangers in your closet, and turn them around so the hooks are facing out, away from the wall. As you wear any item of clothing, put the item back on the hangers with the hanger hooks facing towards the wall. After 6 months, anything that is still facing out needs to be donated, with the exception of seasonal clothing.
  4. Have a Junk Drawer: I know it goes against decluttering efforts to have a junk drawer but everyone needs a break. Even Monica from Friends, had a secret messy closet.

Good Luck in your decluttering efforts.


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