My favorite things 2017

We all have our favorite things that we hold onto through out the year. Going into 2017, I have a few favorites that I use almost every day. Any of these things would be a perfect gift for friends or family.

Bangle Bracelets with Groove These bracelets have a groove in them to hold a hair tie so you don’t get those ugly or uncomfortable indent on your wrist. They have a large groove which holds up to three thin hair ties or one thick band. There are other brands of these bracelets and in a bunch of colors.  I have three bracelets in yellow, white and rose gold so they go with every outfit!

Kindle Paperweight- this super lightweight e-reader doesn’t get a glare from the sun like other tablets or smart phones. This means easier reading in the sun. It holds hundreds/thousands of books, so no need to carry all the cumbersome books, just one tablet.

Fitbit Charge 2- I had a Fitbit for a number of years and after an unfortunate dip in the hot tub my last one died. The Fitbit Charge 2- includes everything you need to track your fitness goals, by tracking your heart rate zones all day and during your workouts. See phone calls, text messages right on your tracker. The app also includes water, weight and calorie tracking. The perfect gift for anyone who is fitness minded. You can find the Fitbit Charge 2 at most retailors for between $110- $150, but shop around to find the best price.

Mahabis Slippers I love these slippers! This is one of my favorite Christmas presents this year.

Paper Planner- I tried to convert to the digital calendar, using my iPad, or smart phone, but I just cannot do it. I like the idea of drawing and planning things on paper. One of my favorites from the past has been the Passion Planner which can be used as goal planner to help you achieve long term goals and dreams. I don’t utilize the passion planning as I should but the calendar give you plenty of space to create to-do lists, plan for the week and year and journal and brainstorm.



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