Aruba- South Caribbean

In 2015 the husband and I took our first major trip together to Aruba. Now I am the first to admit that I am not great at geography, but I had no idea that Aruba was closer to South America than to Jamaica, St. Kitts, and Virgin Islands. While it is in the Caribbean, it is off the coast of Venezuela, in the Southern Caribbean. The island is perfect for relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand. We stayed at the Marriott Resort in Palm Beach which was a perfect location and centrally located for everything we wanted to do. The purpose of this vacation was to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, we still found ourselves out exploring the island. My sister and her husband are heading to the same resort in a few weeks and we provided them a few of our trip highlights.


Kukoo Kunuku Dinner & Nightlife Tour– think about thimg_8832is as a party bus for adults on vacation. They pick you up at your hotel, provide you a sunset champagne toast and then off to bar hop through local bars where you are given free drinks and drink specials as well as BBQ dinner at a local establishment. Mama, our host kept everyone excited and entertained with maracas and commentary during the drive. This is one event that is on our to-do list next time we are in Aruba.

Jolly Pirates- This pirate ship will take you to some cool snorkeling locations where you can see sting rays, starfish, and local fish. img_9436A highlight was swimming over a sunken ship in shallow part of the ocean. If you a brave enough to dive down you can get a closer look at the ship and the sea life which has made the ship its home. Between snorkeling stops the staff serves rum punch- which isn’t that strong, but packs a punch, so be careful not to overdo it! Before turning in for the evening, the crew gives everyone an opportunity to “walk the plank” or rather swing on the rope and drop into the ocean below.

Moomba Beach Bar and Restaurant-This was one of our first adventures out of the hotel, they had a club atmosphere around the bar but closer to the beach you could get fresh seafood served under moonlight (and a few small lanterns). Very romantic and only a short walk on Palm Beach from the Marriott Resort.

Sole Mare– Walk further in town for some shopping and you can find this Italian restaurant which emits some of the most amazing smells. Imagine pasta cooked inside of a wheel of parmesan prepared and served table side, or picking out a lobster the size of your head. This restaurant is just a few blocks from the Palm Beach and if you go on the right night you can find lots of local shopping in the markets.


Aqua Grill– If you want good seafood head to Aqua Grill. On our last night in Aruba the husband and I went here for white table cloth dinner and a bottle of wine. The ambiance inside the restaurant is nice… outside however you can see a McDonalds and dirty ally.


One thought on “Aruba- South Caribbean

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Yes! Aruba is on the “south caribbean” so to speak geographically but you can definitely say they are offshore islands from Venezuela! We have this plan hatched to cruise all the way there. Perhaps we might not get on the pirate ship or Kukoo eat/drink tour, but we’d sure like to hit the beach!

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