Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe

I totally stole this recipe from the internet years ago, and between this one and the oatmeal cookies at Potbelly- I seriously have never looked for another oatmeal cookie recipe. If you were around in the 90’s when email chain letters were the latest and greatest, you probably heard of this. A woman, accidently paid and absorbent amount for the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe (you can easily sub in Mrs. Fields for Neiman Marcus and find similar stories). The stories range from $250, to $2,50. Regardless of the facts and if it is at all true, the email chains gave me one of the best cookie recipes. Now that we are moving into the fall and the comfort food phase of the year, I pulled up one of my old emails from my AOL accounts and tracked down this oldie but goodie. Enjoy. Continue reading

Healthy Comfort Food

Once or twice a year I get a craving for my mom’s homemade pasta sauce. It’s usually in the fall, when the nights start getting crisp and I crave comfort food from my childhood. The other night I decided to make a big batch in preparation of the busy fall that is upon us. Only 44 days until Mike and I get married, and nights have started to get busy between appointments and softball, kickball and finalizing wedding details. We were slipping terrifyingly into take-out land. Continue reading

Buffalo Chicken Dip

It is my favorite time of the year… football season! Okay and fall, but mostly football season because I have an excuse to invite people over and lounge around on Sundays with Bloody Mary’s and football food. Which means football season this year is especially difficult. So full disclosure, this is not a healthy recipe at all, and although I was very good during most of the early games this past Sunday, as soon as Mike started to dig into this, I lost all willpower and before I could stop it, we had devoured almost the entire dish. Continue reading

Not My Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce

Here you go, this is not my mom’s spaghetti sauce. I have never mastered her recipe I guess it is her secret ingredient “love” that I have never quite been able to bottle up and add. So instead I decided to come up with my own recipe. It turned out pretty good, but don’t take my word for it, Mike forwent his planned pizza for spaghetti. Continue reading

Too Old to Sleep In?

When did I get too old to sleep in? Maybe it is wedding stress or the new house or trying to train the dogs that has me up on the weekends before 8am. Or maybe it is just age, but for some reason, regardless of how late I go to bed, I am itching to start my day around 7:30am. Continue reading

My fiancé is making me fat…

My fiancé is making me fat, and I love him deeply for it. There are people out there who understand what I am talking about. I used have toned muscles, arms and legs, those slightly defined ab muscles that made it look like I naturally had a flat stomach. I could easily fit in my size 6 skinny jeans. When I met my fiancé I went to the gym multiple times a week. And I loved it. I went to kickboxing with hand weights, because I wanted to continue. I was one of those people that oddly loved going to the gym and looked good because of it. I rarely cared what I wore to the gym because i was constantly riding the high of working out. Continue reading

Blog learnings- what I have learned so far

I  have been hosting my blog for 8 months or so and I have learned a few things, or a lot of things. First of all I have humbly learned that writing a blog is not easy. I incorrectly assumed that my ideas and writing would come easy, I would be able to put together a short blog in an afternoon, and three or four in a week was going to be no problem. It wasn’t, and 8 months in to this thing, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Continue reading