DIY Mirror makeover

My DIY adventure continues this time with another bathroom makeover. I have been dying to update the main floor bathroom, but now, with two house and two mortgages, the budget and time are not there right now. So instead, I made a couple of quick fixes which have really brightened the dingy bathroom. I spent about $25 on the whole thing and the changes looks great. It was such a small space, I was able to get this project hammered out while my fireplace project was drying.


  • Spray Paint (try Rust-Oleum Metallic)image
  • Painters tape
  • A yard stick or ruler
  • A VERY sharp razor blade/knife
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Newspaper

The bathroom mirror doesn’t have any trim, and like most of the bathroom it is original to the house built in the 1950’s. The mirror itself is in good shape, but the mirrored portion around the edge is starting to corrode. The glass is intact, but the mirrored stuff on the edges is ugly!

We talked about cutting the mirror down, or framing it… but neither option came close to my $25 fix.

Step 1: Remove the mirror from the wall. You may need a second set of hands for this, this mirror is almost 6ft. long and 4ft. tall- it is much heavier than it looks, they made things durable in the 50’s.

Step 2: Measure and tape off an even board around the entire mirror. I used 1inch as a border. This means, you should place tape down so that there is one inch of exposed mirror/glass around the edge.  Don’t tear, use your razor blade to ensure smooth lines. Be diligent in making sure the tape is securely adhering to the mirror, you want to minimize the number of bubbles and get a straight line.

Step 3: Cover the middle of the mirror, the section you don’t want painted with newspaper. I added extra tape and made sure to double up on this. It is much harder to get the paint off places you don’t want than to add extra tape and newspaper. Check out the bubbles on this pieces- don’t worry it got it taken care of!

Step 4: Now paint, use long sprays to layer the paint on and keeping an even distance from the mirror. This will help you keep even thickness and color. Give it at least two coats of paint, waiting at least 30 minutes between coats.

imageStep 5: Carefully, remove the newspaper and tape. If you see any spots where your lines are not crisp use a razor blade to clean up the edges.  What you want is clean straight lines. Check out those clean lines!

Step 6: Reinstall the mirror. Remember to ask for an extra pair of hands, you don’t want to accidently drop your newly updated mirror.


Before and After! (before is from the house listing, forgot to take a before picture, again). Simple coat of paint and this mirror update.




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