Mid-year New Year’s Resolution Check in

So here it is, my mid-year check in for my new year’s resolutions.

Go to the Gym More:

My workouts over the past few months have really been more working in the garden, pushing a lawn mower and moving rock than hours on the elliptical. I do think that I my yardwork workouts have been exhaustingly productive and would rival any gym workout I could attempt. So maybe I haven’t been to the gym as much as I have wanted, but I have been productive in getting my heart rate up and building some muscles. Earlier this week, I had to push the 800lb riding lawnmower over 100 yards up hill when the driver belt broke.

Start a blog:

According to my stats on WordPress I have a small following (Thank you, and don’t you have something better to do?!) But seriously, the last two months were rough with all the changes, the current house, the townhouse, the new house, the wedding… the blog has slacked a bit, but I am working on it and keeping things afloat, so hang in there with me.

Travel- a lot:

I went to DC for girl’s weekend in April. July we went to Wisconsin for a wedding (if that counts as a vacation). And the husband and I have been diligently saving our pennies for our honeymoon. Current plans are swoon worthy, and I can’t wait to share the honeymoon extravaganza that he has been working on.

Get Married:

Still a go! And our save the dates have been printed and are being addressed as you read this. Still a lot to do, but if the stress of the wedding planning, and the trifecta of house stress hasn’t toppled us, I can’t image what will.

Read 12 books:

Hmm… a big F on this one. I think my count is up to 1.5 books, let’s just hope summer slows down a bit and I can spend some hours nestled up in a big chair on my new porch reading.


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