DIY garden brick path

Fern gully as it is loving referred to is a large area of our front yard which is covered in ferns and hostas in every variety. The look, in the summer is stunning, because it looks like this plush pillow like covering on one side of the yard that looks so healthy and full. It also takes minimal effort to maintain (unlike the rest of the yard).

My latest DIY project was two fold… one, I wanted to add a little pizazz to fern gully and add a path that led from the side walk to the steps to the back yard, and two… I wanted to get rid of some of the bricks that were stacking up on the side of the house from other brick decluttering yard projects. Keeping in mind I was on a budget I took off to do this myself, and being that I am stubborn as all get out, I did it myself while Mike tackled other yard projects.


Before you start, make sure you have enough bricks! The worst thing is to start a project and get half way through a project and need to find more pavers. Estimate how many bricks you will need for each row and how many rows for the path (then add more). Especially with my project, I was using left overs so I needed to make sure that there was plenty of materials to complete the path.

First things first, clear and smooth out the area where you want the path. This could mean pulling up plants or tilling up the soil to give you a flat smooth area to lay your bricks down. In my case,  I needed dig a layers of soil out from the garden to make sure the path was level with the garden.


Second, once the ground is smooth start at one end and lay your bricks. One row at a time. I wanted my path between 2 and 3 bricks per row and to be a little disheveled with uneven edges. This was another reason my project was so perfect. We had lots of bricks that had broken in half, I added them to the end of my rows and they helped with the uneven look.


After you complete your path, use some top soil to cover the path, now sweep over it making sure that the dirt gets in between each of the bricks. This will help keep everything in place.


The last step is to water down the path… the muddier the better, you want to make sure that you don’t have any loose bricks that will trip you up while walking on it.

I repeated the last two steps a few times to make sure the bricks were well settled. I love it, the path rounds out the side garden and is the perfect addition to fern gully. What do you think?



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