A Girls Two Best Friends

Well I am off again…. On my next travel adventure to Washington DC for a girls weekend with my besties. It is a long over-due trip, Sandy has been out in DC for going on 3 years now and neither, Sheena nor I have not been out to visit. Not that we haven’t tried (I mean we haven’t tried hard) but Sandy is a teacher so long weekend trips are off and we seem to have completely opposite schedules. She has quite a bit of time off over the holidays and spring break. Which happens to be quite possibly the most inconvenient time to travel as a childless adult. Love kids, just not navigating a crowded airport with the pint-size flyers. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize, I just don’t have to deal with it yet, so I avoid it. And we have postponed our girl’s weekend for months and years because it wasn’t a good time.

Which puts us to this weekend- a long awaited girl’s weekend. Sheena is flying in from Los Angeles on the red-eye. I will be there about noon. It makes me a bit sad but, this is sort of the beginning of the end of our single-hood. Sandy is getting married in July, my wedding is in November. Sheena, the independent spirit, is heading to London, England to start an MBA program. 2016 is a big year of change for us, soon we will be having kids and scheduling phone calls will be a challenge, let alone long weekend trips.

Sitting on the plane typing this, even I don’t talk to these ladies often, and see them even less- getting ready for this trip is a good reminder to take time to spend time with the people you care about, take the time to visit them when you can, even if the time is not right. The time will never be right. I am so grateful to these two ladies have been in my life as long as they can. I actually met Sheena in kindergarten (we became friends in high school) and I have had Sandy as my sidekick since 6th grade. These ladies have kept me grounded, helped me make tough decisions, listened and dried my tears through break ups and tragedies. Laughed with me and smiled with me through all the good times.  This trip for me is really about honoring and celebrating our friendship- something we need to do more often.

They have ridden the roller coaster of life with me, hands in the air screaming and smiling through every twist and turn, as my two very best friends.



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