April is International Letter Writing Month

imageFor anyone who did know (I didn’t) April is international letter writing Month. I know I am a little late to the game, but I am taking the rest of the month to do a better job of writing and mailing letters to family and friends. You know the feeling that you get when you flip through the sterile white envelopes and all of sudden… something other than a bill. It will honestly make your recipients day. Even if it is just a small note telling them you are thinking about them and wishing them a good day or week.

My girlfriends and I do a pretty good job of staying in touch via letters, at least once every few months I get a poorly timed seasonal card in the mail. One fall day I received a “Happy 7th Birthday to a Special Boy” Card in the mail… completely in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish, my birthday is in December and as you may have figured out, I am not a 7 year old boy.  These cards crack me up because when I see my name handwritten on a colorful envelope in the mail, I never know what joyous surprises will come my way. My girlfriends and I live across the country, and when I mean we are spread out, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Nashville TN and Minneapolis, MN. Phone conversations get a little difficult sometimes with the time difference, letters take lest time to coordinate.

imageThis little “tradition” started years ago, when I found a sealed card, addressed to my best friend, I couldn’t remember when it was written. Clearly, I had taken the time to pen an entire note to her, however my lack of follow through and stamps failed to get it delivered. Rather than waste a perfectly good card, I threw a stamp on it and put it in the mail. When she received it a few days later, she called me… you and Steve broke up, something that had happened months earlier and I had told her on the phone shortly after it had happened. Oops. Still we had a good laugh about it and caught up on the latest gossip.

I have shared my little tradition with you- now I put a challenge out to you, pick up some stationery, a colorful pen and search through the junk drawer for some stamps and write a letter! Make someone’s day, or month!


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