December 17, 2015 BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

I need to start with the fact that my boyfriend is amazing at surprises and ridicules at going over the top with everything! He took me out for my birthday, only a week after we started dating and surprised me with dinner, a show, and five mini birthday cakes, because, since we had only been dating a week, he didn’t know what kind of cake I liked. When it came time for my boyfriend’s birthday, I of course had to pull out all the stops and threw him and about 50 of his friends a surprise, Halloween costume party. Going into my birthday this year, saying I was nervous was an understatement. I knew I was in for something over the top, but I could have never imaged what he had actually pulled together. Continue reading


Chicken Stir-fry

Stir-fry is a super simple and easy meal and if you are at all budget conscience; it is relatively inexpensive. Healthy, cheap and quick in my opinion is a win-win-win! Start with going to the grocery store, grab whatever veggies you like. I went to Aldi, and bought carrots, broccoli, asparagus, peppers and onions (my total bill was $6.75). I purchased chicken breasts, teriyaki sauce, white rice and pre-chopped garlic from my local grocery store. (Seriously who has time to peel and press garlic?) All in the total costs was less than $25 and I ended up with enough ingredients for two meals one for tonight, and another to freeze for another quick meal on another night. Continue reading

One bag traveler

Not to be sexist but over packing, is a problem that plagues most girls, and I used to be one of them. I used to be the girl packed a giant suitcase for an overnight trip. It got so tiresome dragging the suitcase around and I never used half of what I packed. But I wanted clothing options not to mention I needed half my bathroom… just incase! I really wanted to be one of those girls that could throw a few things into an overnight bag and be set for whatever. Continue reading


I have recently gotten into sushi, however I am picky. So going out to dinner and ordering sushi I usually end up with something simple like a California roll. Then a friend of mine showed me how to make sushi at home and I am in love! It is healthy, and honestly, I can use “left overs” from meals earlier in the week. This week I made an awesome stir-fry and saved some of the uncooked vegetables for sushi this week! And in true lazy fashion… I didn’t quite follow my own instructions.

Here is the best part about sushi- I used to think I would need to go to specialty Asian store to pick up sushi grade rice or Nori (seaweed) and other ingredients that I love in sushi, but my local Cub Foods had everything! Now below, is the official recipe, however, I have been known to skip the sushi vinegar and just go with regular Japanese rice too… everything ends up a little stickier and harder to work with but, if it isn’t in the pantry, I am not willing to make another trip to the store. Continue reading

Healthy-ish Peking Chicken

This is one of my absolute favorite restaurant turned make-at-home meals, it is quick and easy and it has the same great taste as the deep fried version you can find at Leeann Chin’s restaurants only it’s not fried.

I am not sure when, but Leeann Chin started selling their famous sauces for you to make dishes at home, but it is kind of amazing and a staple in my pantry for quick and simple meals. Continue reading

Thinking of you Boxes

I saw these boxes on another blog a few years ago. It is a great and simple way to celebrate friends birthday’s when you can’t be with them, not to mention they are serious fun to make! I bought some craft boxes at the store and customized them will mini notes and special envelopes with confetti, inside jokes and trinkets that I thought they would love. For my friend Carla’s birthday I wrapped up confetti, mini happy birthday banners, balloons and birthday candles as well as mini bottles of liquor and a framed pictures of us. Each piece was wrapped uniquely which gave her a few moments of birthday fun while she unwrapped each little trinket. I also included a hand-made ticket for a Face Time date night. Continue reading

The Diet Starts today

With the wedding date closing in, March has been designated by Mike as a crash diet month. It doesn’t sound nearly as bad as you think but we are allowed two cheat meals a week, everything else is fresh, homemade or low calorie/low fat- we are not perfect and love our comfort food like pizza and Chinese food, therefore a super strict diet is not going to work for us. And we are not feeling like we need to do anything too drastic just clean up our eating habits and eliminate the weekly last minute pizza and burgers. Continue reading