New Year’s Resolution #1- Working out

Like everyone else in the world I made a new year’s resolution to make it to the gym more often. This usually lasts until mid-February and then drops off like most people. Well not this year, I am getting married in just under 10 months and I want to lose a little weight before I start my search for the perfect dress, I don’t have a goal of dropping 50lbs but rather tone up and put a focus on my health and wellbeing.  So here it is… for anyone who is hitting the 6 week work out slump, my list for how I am getting to the gym.

  1.  Join a gym- some people can work out from home, or are good about hitting the trails and staying active outside. I am not one of those people so I put a lot of research into my gym selection. I wanted a place I could work out at, that was comfortable, that offered lots of different options to keep me motivated and prevent boredom. I needed my fiancé to join with me- this way we both can make it a habit of heading to the gym together on the weekends.I also wanted a gym that was— well nice! I didn’t want to be grossed out walking through locker rooms, or work out on equipment that has been there for a decade. I wanted new equipment and locker rooms that were spacious, showers that I wanted to use and a sauna and hot tub that I could relax in. I wanted hairdryers, complementary towels and I wanted it all on my way home. Basically I want a gym that removed every excuse I had from not making it there.
  2. Go shopping! – I realize this is a girl thing but when you look good, you feel good. You are more likely to switch out of your work clothes and into some Lululemon or Underarmor. I am not making this up, there has been research that has determined that the clothing that you wear actually influences your behavior, the way you think and act. It is called ‘enclothed cognition.’ Fancy words for if you look good, you will feel good. If you want to read a great article about this check out Psychology of Lululemon: How Fashion Affects Fitness. It explains the psychology that Lululemon uses to be a leader in fitness apparel. And you don’t have to spend a lot to look and feel good. Even buying a new t-shirt to cover a tattered sports bra helps.
  3.  Multi-Tasking- Now many will disagree, but I am not one of those people that craves the gym… at least not yet. So I bring a book or a magazine or even my ipod with Netflix loaded to help me get through a 30-45 minute cardio workout. I used to love tuning my radio to a television show and get on the treadmill, once I went to the gym at an ungodly hour to watch the US men’s Olympic hockey game because I didn’t have cable. Turned the TV on, and got distracted on the treadmill, when the game was over I had run/walked 12 miles!! At the very least a killer playlist to keep you grooving and set a pace. If you have some no fail workout tunes, let me know and look for a post later this month with my current workout play lists.
  4. Track it- I bought a Fitbit tracker almost a year ago, and it hardly comes off my wrist. I have weekly challenges with friends all over the U.S. and it helps me track how much I am moving. It also gets me to the gym on days where I am particularly slacking because I need to win the weekly challenge. It is better than just tracking your miles, and workout time, but there is heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, calorie counter and is totally customizable to your needs. I know I sound like an advertisement but I have bought Fitbit trackers for family and friends and turned it into a game.


Do you have some great tips for sticking with a workout routine, or going to the gym? If so let’s hear them. Post your tips below or send me an email at


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