Chalkboard Paint!

Anyone else have trouble with clutter in the kitchen? I have been trying to figure out a way to get organized for a while now; I always have papers, bills, mail, photos, cluttering my center island. I love the look of my stainless appliances however the clean look of the refrigerator does not bode well for the countless magnets and notes that use to gather there. This weekend I was determined to get the clutter under control; enough is enough.
The door from my garage to my kitchen is always a sore spot for me. Always looks dingy, and dirty. Digging through my garage for some inspiration I found a can of chalkboard paint from a previous project and a light bulb went off. The door got a facelift and I got to use up some paint that was collecting dust in my garage. After a few coats of paint and an hour of watching paint dry, my project was complete. I ended up with a giant magnetic chalkboard for my kitchen.
I used Chalkboard Paint by Rust-Oleum this small can has covered two giant picture frames, both sides of the door with some extra to spare for additional projects. You can find this paint any home improvement store. I got this at home depot for just under $10.Chalkboard door
I am horrible at taking pictures of my before… but look at how great the door looks now.

I still have some paint left over, I can’t wait to try some more chalkboard paint ideas. Here are a few that I found on pintrest: I have so many white platters that could be repurposed; this Cheese and Cracker platter idea would be an intersting idea for a parties, not to mention using chalboard paint as a way to identify each guests Wine Glasses. Rather then those wine charms that seem to get lost or forgotten as the night goes on. I am planning a game night soon and might need to spice things up with these great ideas.


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