It’s Okay

Sitting at Caribou coffee on a rainy day, on my third or maybe it is my fourth cup of coffee, I begun reading the paper cup sitting at my table. Marshmallows have no nutritional value, and that’s okay.  I laughed out loud at this, which annoyed the customers in close proximity of me. I don’t know if the high volume of caffeine running through my veins had any impact on the hilarity of this, but I found the lack of logic behind this statement refreshing. I have since adopted the mantra… it’s okay.

It’s okay to do something for the pure joy of doing it. Everything doesn’t need to have a purpose.  Or everything doesn’t have to have a purpose that is logical or rational. Doing things just because you feel like it is perfectly normal, and okay. And anyone who tells you otherwise, doesn’t know what they are missing.  At some point you need to embrace your crazy and realize that it is what it is. It is what makes you, you! So here I go… embracing and sharing my crazy, non-logical behaviors.

  • I try my bridesmaid dress on once a week—just because. Last week I did the ironing in it.
  • Some Saturday morning, I stay in bed until noon (or later) Just because I can.  When I wake up, I stay in my pajamas the entire day & catch up on my hulu playlist.
  • When I walk into to work in the morning, I pick a song on my ipod that sets my mood for the day… most of the time, it is some kick-ass anthem that gets me revved up ready for the day. Today it was P!ink-Perfect.
  • I have been known to dance around my kitchen, with the music turned up signing at the top of my lungs.  It makes it even better if the windows are open and I am wearing headphones. My neighbors have learned to ignore the screeching coming from my house on those days.
  • Sometimes, I dress up in my favorite dress, sexiest shoes, and watch TV. There is something about getting all dressed up and then doing something so lazy that makes it all worth it.
  • Every once and a while, I spend an hour, playing computer games.  And not the cool shoot em’ up ones, but the dorky, factory installed on my computer games. Solitaire anyone?chocolate cake
  • Every time the Victoria’s Secret catalog comes in, I spend a few hours fawning over the rock hard bodies, that I will never have, doing something those models will never have… a slice of double fudge chocolate lava cake.  It makes my curves all the more worth it.

The logic doesn’t have to be there to make it worth it, and that’s okay.


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