DIY-Ombré baby dresser

I have been dying to share my progress on a refurbished old dresser that I did for a good friend of mine. Lisa and I have know each other for 18 years since we were in middle school and she is one of the firsts to be expecting her first child!

I fixed up this old dresser to match the nursery and gave it to her at the baby shower! It turned out so amazing! The amazing thing is I found matching night stands and a long version of the dresser in my parents garage! Baby Girl Selby will have a whole set when she needs it.

The dresser needed a good sanding… Which took forever! And being that MN was experiencing its second wave of the polar vortex I needed to take short shift sanding in the garage. I survived without getting frostbite, by taking frequent breaks which included baileys and coffee!

Once the dresser was sanded I painted everything antique white! I picked out a rich light purple called duchess lilac and painted the bottom drawer, I added a little of the antique white and painted the next, a little more white for the third drawer and mostly white with a hint of lilac for the last drawer. After cleaning and spray painting the hardware I assembled the dresser and did some detail work with silver trim ta-da…. the dresser was finished!!!

Everything turned out amazing, and she loved it!



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