I am starting a blog…

I am writing a blog. WHAT… I set a goal/new year’s resolution to start writing a blog. Not that I think I have anything earth shattering to share, but I always loved the idea of writing; and a blog seemed like a smaller undertaking than a book (which happens to be on my lifetime bucket list). It is also going to be a huge challenge, I don’t really have time to do this, I have a full time job, a ton of family and friends I don’t see nearly enough and a wedding to plan, I hardly have time to wash my hair and vacuum the house, but I am committing to it. – hold me to it.

I should also share that I am a perfectionist. Not the type that actually gets everything right, but the type that has frequent perfection paralysis- if it is not perfect I am not posting it, and then a month passes and I have 17 half written posts. So anyone that follows be prepared for a lot of work in progress stuff.

So what should you expect- Well this blog is really about me; navigating life and all of my passions, DIY, planning a wedding, organization, cooking, it will really be hodge-podge of stuff. So check back frequently to see how things have evolved.

So, what do I need to know? What should be included and where do I start. Post your comments below, or sent me an email, would love to hear your thoughts.



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